Starbucks to offer a wireless charging method that you likely won’t use

Wireless charging has always been extremely convenient way to get some extra juice, whether that be at home, at an airport, or in your car. But what about a coffee shop? Starbucks is aiming to make your life a little easier by offering wireless charging technology in its tables and counters, but you may not be able to use it.

Let’s begin by saying that wireless charging is a mess. There are so many types of wireless charging technology built into devices around the world that there is no standard. Most phones nowadays offer Qi technology, but it still isn’t the norm for all devices. Here’s the unfortunate thing: Duracell will soon power your Starbucks table a counter with the same technology they use for their Powermat series – PMA wireless charging.

For the most part, if it’s not Qi, it requires a special case or back cover to charge wirelessly. And that being said, it will likely perpetuate the wireless charging standard to move every which way, giving users more headaches than ever.

So why would Starbucks partner with Duracell to offer a horrible form of wireless charging in their stores? Who knows. Duracell is a popular brand, and so is Starbucks. It makes just as much sense as the Apple/Beats acquisition.

Source: Wall Street Journal (Tech)