Trove the world anew with Trover’s redesigned app

Trove the world anew with Trover’s redesigned app

Looking for adventure? And whatever comes your way? If you were born to be wild, Trover’s newly refreshed travel app will help you find that instant adventure.

The app that lets you explore visually everywhere, has just redesigned its mobile app adding some new great features and giving it a fresh look. Unlike other social outlets that ultimately make it about you and interactions with other people (or places), Trover spins it around and makes it a place-centric app and the interactions that individuals have with a place.

Trover originally made it’s appearance on the Google Play Store back in 2012. However, the app was quickly pulled after the startup realized that they just did not have the resources to fully commit to the app. Since the removal of the app from the Play Store, the number one request received from their members has been the addition of Android once again. It appears that the timing is just right as the newly designed app has just started a new Android adventure.

“Android has been the #1 request from our members, particularly from overseas. We’re excited to see all the new photos, travel stories and tips flowing through this new app, inspiring more people to get out and experience the world.” — Jason Karas, co-founder and CEO

The app promises to fuel your passion for exploration by offering hundreds of thousands of original geo-tagged photos, place-based tipos, and shared travel stories. The goal is to make it easy to visually explore the best of everywhere, across the street or across the globe.

Besides just showing some great photos around the world, Trover also offers a vibrant social community that is alive right behind every photo, offering members the opportunity to socialize about their discoveries, and allow members to build wish lists on places they’d like to see someday.

By offering a more visual experience over sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp, Trover will help you find hidden wonders that otherwise may have gone undiscovered by you.

Trover is a free app available on the Google Play Store.

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