Samsung Galaxy F (S5 Prime) leaked showing possible release date

Samsung Galaxy F (S5 Prime) leaked showing possible release date

Details of a device which is suspected to be the premium version of the Galaxy S5, dubbed the Samsung Galaxy F or Galaxy S5 Prime, have been surfacing lately leading to belief that such a device actually exists.

The latest leak comes courtesy of @evleaks again which looks very much like a Galaxy S5 from the front, but shows what appears to be a a metal rear cover, or at least what looks like a metal cover which could easily be metal-looking plastic. However, given the S5 Prime is supposed to be a premium device, it is suspected to be a high-end metal back.

Further information on the leak seems to stem from the date shown on the screenshot which may suggest a release date. Press images tend to show the date in which the device will become available and this one shows 12th September (which is actually a Friday) and is two days after the IFA electronics show.

Whilst any leak must be taken with precaution, and especially any speculation of release date from a static date on an image, the Galaxy S5 Prime may have just been confirmed together with it’s release date.

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