Fuelband app is finally available on Android

Nike said that it won’t make an Android application for Fuelband, that was February last year. More recently they announced they’ll focus on software rather than hardware, in other words won’t make any more Fuelbands. Well, be it as it may, they’ve released an Android app for Fuelband. There’s a catch though, this application will… Read more »

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  • Chris Brown

    Waited for this app FOREVER! I wrote letters to Nike to no avail. Now, they release the app just as a number of competitive offerings from (Fitbit, Sony, Samsung, Up, Google Fit (??)) are taking off. Sorry, I have no interest in giving my money to Nike now after they completely disregarded the entire Android community for over 2 years. They had their chance and failed miserably to deliver.

    It also tainted my view of the company’s other products as a result even though I am avid buyer of shoes and athletic apparel (much of which is Nike). UnderArmor and Adidas make equally great footwear and apparel.