February 1, 2015

Audiofly AD78M In Ear Headset Review


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The AF78M by Audiofly features an inbuilt microphone, features dual drivers, noise isolating, AudioFlex cable with Cordura braided technology for added durability. These earphones are wonderful, even if seemingly a bit overpriced.
Audiofly AD78M In Ear Headset Review Reviewed by on . Rating: 4

Audio Quality


The audio quality on these earbuds is amazing, but has some caveats. Bass is a bit overpowered, but treble, mids, highs, and lows are pretty good. No matter what type of music/audio you are listening to, the AF78M sounds great.

This is a high quality professional headset, designed by musicians, and at this price point, we will be a bit more critical versus something that may come with your smartphone. Bass is definitely not lacking, however a bit forced depending on the volumes. The dual drivers ensure great detail. Treble is near perfect allowing for amazing clarity, despite the issue with bass depending on the genre of music you are playing. Lows and Highs are good, but could be better.Mids are the AF78Ms sweet spot.

Audio is definitely impressive, and the noise isolation is pretty great once you find the right fit of ear-tips for you.

There is also a built in microphone in the AD78M, that preforms well.




Featuring AudioFlex with Cordura cable technology, the braided cables seem very durable and look great. There is also a twisted core that attempts to reduce possible electromagnetic interference. They are very tangle resistant.


Overview and PricingAF78_3

Check out the AD78M’s at Audiofly. This set features high quality packaging, a storage tin, airline adapters, and a signal-splitter. Audio is very impressive, yet the price tag which converts to about $200 USD, seems a bit overpriced, when other competitors feature similar audio quality with a better bang for your buck.