Get a bit more organized using a Terrain Home launcher [App of the Day]

Get a bit more organized using a Terrain Home launcher [App of the Day]

There are a lot of launchers in the Android space that you can choose from. Some of the most popular ones are Nova, Smart Launcher, Aviate and Action Launcher. Each of these is unique in its own way, as is the one we’re going to talk about today, Terrain Home: Sidebar & Search.

Terrain Home comes from Samsung’s Accelerator division which is an innovation center. This launcher is somewhat unique and quite productive. When you launch it and get through the tutorial you’ll be greeted with the start screen that looks like any other Android launcher. There are 3 white icons on it that will probably catch your attention though, sidebar, search and apps. This is where Terrain Home gets different and kind of cool. You can click on each icon to launch a certain action or just swipe away to do it. If you swipe from left to right you’ll access the sidebar feature, the other way around will get you to an alphabetical list of your apps and if you swipe up you’ll get to search feature.

Sidebar is the most useful out of the bunch, in our opinion at least. It resembles Google Now when it comes to the design. You’ll find a bunch of white cards here which you can set up the way you want, from your favorite contacts and Facebook feed to weather and stock information. There are a lot of options you can fit here and that’s what makes it so useful.

Search feature is also rather useful, considering you can swipe up and search away whether you want to find something locally on your phone or online.

You can get Terrain Home from Google Play as we speak, although note that the launcher is still in beta so there might be some glitches along the way, although it worked rather well in our testing. This app is also geographically limited at the moment, so it might not be available on your location, but it seems that it has a rather wide range of availability even though there’s no precise information on this thus far.

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