Extremely small and wireless earbuds? Kickstarter all the way

Extremely small and wireless earbuds? Kickstarter all the way

So, here’s the thing, I hate wires and I bet there are lots of you like me out there. Wires are just so annoying and not practical at all, they get tangled up all the time. There are some solutions for this as far as earbuds go, like Jaybird Bluebuds X which are great, but they’re also not exactly wire-free. Earbuds are connected via cable in order to extend battery life and you don’t misplace them by accident.

Enter Earin, the smallest wireless earbuds in the world measuring at 14x20mm which connect to your device via bluetooth. With these earbuds you won’t have to worry about tangled wires and such, although you might be a bit concerned when it comes to battery, considering these earbuds will give you only about 3 hours of audio before you’ll have to charge them. This is to be expected though, considering the size, but there’s an upside to all this as well. With Earin earbuds you’ll also get a metal capsule in which you’ll store them when you’re not using them. This capsule is also a keychain and a wireless charger for the earbuds.

Earin had a £179,000 goal and it now has over 3,500 backers and has gathered around £400,000, which is approximately 3 times more than what they were looking for. This doesn’t surprise us though, considering this has been a long time coming. If you want to contribute you can do that via the link below, there’s still plenty of time.

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