Our interview with CEO of Blu Products: spec wars, upcoming products, LTE support, and more

    Blu Products is one of our favourite trendy brands featuring a variety of devices to meet the needs of smartphone consumers alike. AndroidGuys had a chance to have some of our top questions answered by BLU

    • Jane Seymour

      good interview. liked reading that they will be making more lte phones.

    • MikeyTG

      If it is “impossible to update every single device” then you are making too many different devices! You are gathering new customers at the expense of your existing customers. This has doomed many companies in the past. If I have to sell my blu phone because you artificially made it obsolete you can bet I won’t be buying another. Only an idiot would follow that course.

    • Regina Whitehead

      Interesting, Apple has no problem with updates, nor with communications with customers (a free good faith approach) . After this interview I will sell my blu phone go back to apple. Since basically that was the CEO’s advice. This idiot make Latin Americas look like crap.

      • Mauricio Munguia

        The main reason why is because they only have one boring device with no major updates… If you are coming from Apple and expect quality that surpasses by far the Apple devices get an HTC one m8 it’s the most advanced phone up to date

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    • Steven

      Blu has gone crazy with constantly adding devices. Choice of phones isn’t an issue, function is what’s required. They seem to be skipping that part.

    • JW

      Blu is all about lies. Blu promises updates, but never delivers. 90% of their devices never receive any updates. Even after posting on their website that all Life series phones will be updated it still never happened.