Upgrade your calender to Sunrise Calender [App of the Day]

Upgrade your calender to Sunrise Calender [App of the Day]

I’m always a fan of switching up my routine apps, including the default message app, email app, file manager, etc… But now I’d like to switch it up with the new Sunrise Calender app, which promises a new experience and will make your life easier.

The app connects to your Google Calender and you can also connect with Facebook and a number of other apps for a full range of events and deadlines. Coonected with Facebook, I can see all the upcoming birthdays and graduation parties, and I can even RSVP to them right from the app.

Features of the app include 

  • A flat, redesigned calender experience showing the perfect amount of information.
  • A simplified 3-day view shows when you are busy and when you are free.
  • A beautiful transparent widget.
  • Events and birthdays of the people you know as well as integrated Map locations.
  • Available on the desktop as well
  • Compatibility with Evernote so all your reminders will show up on Sunrise

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