Moto X+1 render leaks, case included

Moto X+1 render leaks, case included

Motorola’s Moto X was a positive surprise last year. It didn’t have cutting edge specs, but it worked like a charm carrying some useful features along with it. All that packed in a relatively small body considering a 4.7″ screen. Due to this fact we now expect more from Moto X+1 than we did with the Moto X.

After the phone got confirmed by accident and its details and launch date leaked we got even more interested in it. Thanks to @evleaks we now have a render of the phone itself, unfortunately there’s a case on it though. Despite the case, which covers up parts of the device, those bezels look thicker than they should be. We could be more certain of this if that case wasn’t on it, but it sure looks like those bezels shouldn’t be that thick. even the ones on the top and bottom of the phone. On top of that, the camera looks quite big plus there seems to be no flash on the phone. We won’t jump to conclusions though, it is possible the flash has been hidden on purpose with the case or this is not the final design of the phone.

What do you think, do you like it or are you in the same boat as we are?

Source: @evleaks

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