OnePlus One explains why full production is delayed

The OnePlus One showed up on the scene as one of the most anticipated Android devices of the new year. Despite the mass popularity gained from its low costs and high specs, its popularity quickly decreased due to their invite system and unpopular contests. This has caused outrage from the public and many former followers of OnePlus have turned against the newly formed company and ridicule its use of contests and invite system. Their slogan “Never Settle” has been turned against them to “Never Selling”. In response to this, OnePlus staff member Carl has posted in their forums addressing the lack of units ready for sale.


In Carl’s own words, “As a startup, survival is a big concern. Sitting with excess inventory is something that can quickly kill us.” To prevent a quick death to the new company, they underestimated the appeal their device would have to the general public and ordered only a small amount of components for building the actual device. 

It takes three months to obtain the pieces needed just for the display and touch sensors which are a vital part to any smart phone today. OnePlus wishes to assure everyone that they are doing their best to increase production and get as many OnePlus Ones out there for the public to purchase.

Production is expected to pick up next week just as they had said before, but the production and availability of the OnePlus One is not matching the increase the rise of demand being seen by OnePlus.

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  • AA

    This is the standard OnePlus dog and pony show. They have out right lied repeatedly and it has become all about shuffling the blame around. Every move they make is to delay stall and be plain evasive with the truth. The wait has never been the problem, the BS has. I was a fan, I wanted the phone. It really might be a great phone, it defiantly has a great price. Problem is that OnePlus is only getting invites to the super fans that they are sure will only give good reviews, regardless of phone quality or performance .

    • KenOzz

      very true you are spot on with your comments

  • KenOzz

    They have used and treated there forum members in an awful manner

    They promised all of us a phone by the end of June, but we had to complete tasks to get one

    We had to post on Twitter just how much we wanted the phone,like them on Facebook, and spam all our friends this just to get an invite to buy one

    Then enter stupid competitions again including sending out spam messages to our social media contacts

    After we had done all this they then tell us they have no phones and plead the start up excuse,

    I feel I have been used by this company and warn others not to be drawn into their decietful web of false promises