Text-to-voice your own ringtone with Talking Ringtone Maker

Text-to-voice your own ringtone with Talking Ringtone Maker

Is using music as a ringtone too fancy for you? Type Your Ringtone lets you take advantage of the text-to-speech engines to type your own ringtone.

Instead of having “MMMbop” as your ringtone, you can now modernize it with the sounds of an English lad tell you that “The President is calling”. The app gives you a couple of nice features including the ability to choose from a variety of languages, the option to see all custom sounds that you’ve created and making it easy to play or delete them, or set theme s your new notification or ringtone sound.

If you feel like ponying up a buck, you can get the pro version that will remove the ads and give you a few bonus features like setting the notification sound for a specific app (Android 4.3 or higher required), the ringtone for a specific contact, set your notification sound for a specific contact (Android 4.4 or higher required), no ringtone limits, and most importantly you can control both the speed and pitch of the ringtones voice.

Type Your Ringtone uses the default text-to-speech (TTS) voices that come preinstalled on your device. You can create endless possibilities for different voices by installing different engines and setting them as the default.

The app is easy and fun to use with its intuitive interface making it so that anybody can create their own “speechtones” with ease. The app is available in a slightly more limited, ad supported free version, and a more ample, ad-free paid version for only 99 cents. Both are available on Google Play.

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