Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Two


I’m an icon addict to the point of where I really need some serious intervention. But don’t call anyone quite yet, just let me present to you what I want to show off today, then decide if you want to make that call. That’s right, I’m going to show you some of the newest, hottest, most amazing icon packs in the Google Play Store today that you need to have installed on your mobile device. You can check out some of our older posts on this same subject here: Android Icons You Must Have as well as my first edition of this post from a couple of weeks ago here: Icon Packs You Must Have(Round One)

The good thing about the icon packs that I’m going to show you today is that they are so very simple to install and easy to set on your device. And when you do get them set on your device, they will theme your homescreen icons as well as all of your icons in your app drawer. That way everything looks nice, neat and uniform. Now, let’s get started with the first icon pack of several for the day.


OffCorner Round by OffCorner Dev

OffCorner Icon Banner

I’m a sucker for round icons and I think OffCorner Dev knows this because he first released OffCorner Icons in a square format. Then I mentioned how nice they were and that I’d love to see them in a round version, and a couple of days later, even though he was doing finals and such, he provided me with a beta APK. I instantly fell in love with icons as you can see, the icon image itself isn’t centered on the background like you see in most all other icon sets. Something unique and different, along with the flat/simple design.

With over 880 icons, a dashboard app and an icon request tool, you can’t go wrong for only $1.29. Updates are quite frequent as well, making OffCorner Round a must have icon pack for all icon addicts like myself!

OffCorner Round Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’com.OffCorner.icons.round’ name=’OffCorner Round Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

The1Lucent by The1Dynasty

The1Lucent Icon Banner

The1Lucent by The1Dynasty is something a bit different than what we’ve been seeing here as of late. It’s not a long shadow icon set and this is really nice to see Roberto do something totally original. Using no background behind the icon, this set really stands out, especially with the bright, vibrant colors he chose to use along the way for a lot of the icons. You won’t find another icon set similar to The1Lucent anywhere around town.

Priced at only $1.99, The1Lucent provides you with 750+ hand-crafted icons to make your homescreen and app drawer superb to all others. Plus you get several custom made wallpapers as well as full support for the Muzei Live Wallpaper app.

The1Lucent Screenshot

[pb-app-box pname=’icons.the1dynasty.lucent’ name=’The1Lucent Icon Pack’ theme=’discover’ lang=’en’]

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  • Troy Kistler

    What is the theme being used in both of these icon packs? The weather widget is so cool and I can’t find it.

  • chrism1113

    I want to know the Theme and weather widget too! How do you get it??

  • There is no theme being used. Completely stock with Nova Launcher Pro being used.

    The weather widgets are from Bill Miller(has a Star Trek looking profile image) but I have heavily modified them to my liking. The names of the widgets are All Over The Place and Widget’d.

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  • Michael

    I would like to know about those great looking wallpapers shown. Are they custom, or can they be found for download? I have been looking for similar, and these fit. Could you please direct me as to where I can find these or similar?

    Thank you!
    Michael (aka: daddyd)

    [email protected]

  • @disqus_P0RFIxHvzD:disqus The wallpapers are random from an app in the Play Store by the name of Muzei Live Wallpaper. There are many extensions that go with it, such as the Romain Guy extension and the Reddit Extension.

    You install the Muzei Live Wallpaper app, then the extensions and those extensions act as sources of where it pulls wallpapers from. You can have it change your wallpaper at many different intervals, such as 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or whatever.

    One of the best apps I’ve discovered in a long time, and it’s written by a Google employee.