Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Two

ChromeD&Dust by Dori Smith

ChromeD&Dust Icon Banner

ChromeD&Dust is definitely a little different, and it’s by someone new to making her own icons, finally! Dori Smith has been creating wallpapers and widgets for quite some time along with Darren Grimstead(LucasDev) but she has finally gone out on her own and this is her first icon pack.

The icons are transparent as you see, but with superb details in the actual app icons. Again, something you haven’t seen a lot of yet is the use of transparency, and I’m one who has a thing for transparency of any kind. Then add in the two chrome looking rings around the edges, and ChromeD&Dust is an instant winner in my book. Expect to see more of this style from her very soon.

ChromeD&Dust can be yours for just $1.55 and it will net you 600+ custom made icons as well as the icon masking feature so all icons match. Plus you will have access to quite a few wallpapers that are now included in the app as of the update just a day or two ago.

ChromeD&Dust Screenshot

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Portal by LucasDev

Portal Icon Banner

I just mentioned Darren Grimstead above as to be the one who got Dori out on her own, but Darren is a well established icon pack maker himself. He’s got a ton of packs on the Play Store currently and always producing more. His latest is Portal, and I know what you’re thinking; very similar to C&D above. While that’s true, there are some differences.

First major difference is the outer ring around the icons. While C&D has the double chrome ring, Portal only has the one. Plus the transparency of icons is slightly different on many of the icons, as well as the actual app icon itself.

For just $1.49 you will get 550+ custom made icons, full dashboard support and 20+ wallpapers as well. I can also tell you that Darren is constantly updating his icon packs, so that’s something to look forward to as well. And as mentioned above, stay tuned for more of the transparency look as Darren tells me there’s going to be several styles coming soon with the transparency affect.

Portal Screenshot


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