Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Two

Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Two

Cosido by GadgetMiner Designs

Cosido Icon Banner

Now time for something totally different, especially compared to the types of icons I normally show you. Cosido is an icon pack by yet another new developer, GadgetMiner Designs. Cosido is a square icon set with rounded corners, a double stitching effect around the edges and a white leather/crumpled paper like background. Something different but very nice as it’s what really makes these icons stand out.

With this being Jubin’s first icon pack, he doesn’t state how many icons are included in the set. However, the pack does use the icon masking feature, but best of all, the pack is 100% FREE! Hard deal to pass up if you ask me!

Cosido Screenshot

DOT by ThaPhlash

DOT Icon Banner

Here’s someone that’s quite famous when it comes to icons, ThaPhlash, and he’s back with his second icon pack on the Play Store. I presented his first icon pack, KEX about a month ago here on the site.

DOT includes over 1,000 custom made icons from the master himself. The one thing that ThaPhlash has brought to his icon packs, are the dynamic icons for things like your calendar apps. What this means is that your calendar icon will actually show the current date of the month instead of a static image.

You can pick up the DOT icon pack for just $1.99 from the widget below. And let me tell you, being from the master of icons, you will not be disappointed in any way possible as DOT is definitely spot on.

DOT Screenshot

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  1. Troy Kistler
    June 25, 07:36 Reply

    What is the theme being used in both of these icon packs? The weather widget is so cool and I can’t find it.

  2. chrism1113
    June 25, 19:52 Reply

    I want to know the Theme and weather widget too! How do you get it??

  3. Cliff Wade
    June 25, 20:14 Reply

    There is no theme being used. Completely stock with Nova Launcher Pro being used.

    The weather widgets are from Bill Miller(has a Star Trek looking profile image) but I have heavily modified them to my liking. The names of the widgets are All Over The Place and Widget’d.

  4. Cliff Wade
    June 29, 19:40 Reply

    @disqus_P0RFIxHvzD:disqus The wallpapers are random from an app in the Play Store by the name of Muzei Live Wallpaper. There are many extensions that go with it, such as the Romain Guy extension and the Reddit Extension.

    You install the Muzei Live Wallpaper app, then the extensions and those extensions act as sources of where it pulls wallpapers from. You can have it change your wallpaper at many different intervals, such as 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours or whatever.

    One of the best apps I’ve discovered in a long time, and it’s written by a Google employee.

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