Nokia X, X+ and XL wont receive the software platform 2.0 update

Nokia X, X+ and XL wont receive the software platform 2.0 update

We’ve got some bad news for all of you who purchased the Nokia X, X+, or Nokia XL. None of these devices will be updated to software platform 2.0. Nokia says that the upgrade isn’t possible due to hardware limitations.

Nokia’s software platform 2.0 is based on a forked version of Android 4.3 and it is believed that 4.3 may have a requirement of at least 1 GB of RAM. All three of the previous Nokia Android devices have less than 1 GB of RAM. Now this doesn’t mean that there wont be any more updates for these devices in the future as Nokia did state that further software improvements will be released for the Nokia X family in the coming months.

Not getting the latest version of Android is a huge let down for any lover of the platform. If you own one of the first generation Nokia X devices how do you feel? Are you happy with the experience as it is? Will you never buy another Nokia Android phone again? Let us know in the comments.



Via:Android Central

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  1. gabro
    June 25, 15:17 Reply

    I was waiting for the x2 tó be avaible and ill buy It soonn. Sorry for x users btw

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