Yahoo Aviate: Flight out of beta

Yahoo Aviate: Flight out of beta

Yahoo Aviate, after spending quite some time in beta, is finally ready for the public. Yahoo has removed the invite system and the app no longer requires you to have an invite code for access. They have also added a UI update providing a cleaner launcher than before.

For those who aren’t yet familiar with this home replacement app, Aviate is an “intelligent” homescreen that shows you different shortcuts and widgets based on your location and current activities. It uses where you are and the time of day to show you what you would need at that moment.


  • Wake up, and Aviate automatically shows you how long you’ve slept, the weather and news for the day.
  • When at work, Aviate gives you easy access to all the apps you need to get your job done, plus intelligent calendar features like one-tap calling to conference calls, emailing to meeting attendees and more!
  • While on the road, Aviate automatically gives you traffic conditions and directions home.
  • Go to dinner, and Aviate automatically shows you photos, tips and restaurant reviews.
  • Plug in your headphones, and Aviate shows you music apps and extra information about the artist/band you’re listening to, like recent Tweets, upcoming concerts and bios.

Aviate is supports devices running Android 4.0 and above. With the update out of beta, Aviate added a Favorite Contacts function to keep the people you contact the most one swipe away. This is all done automatically without the need for the user to manually set contacts.

Everything is done automatically. Your apps get categorized by genre and they are placed on the corresponding “space” for you. It is an automated launcher designed to have what you need ready before you need it.

Source: Yahoo

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