Is that a Moto X+1 posing next to Moto 360?

Is that a Moto X+1 posing next to Moto 360?

Motorola did confirm that they’re working on a Moto X successor, but they didn’t give us any details regarding its name or anything else for that matter. We’ve seen an alleged Moto X+1 render leak recently, though it was placed inside a case so we didn’t see the entire phone. This image isn’t exactly better, but at least it doesn’t have a case on it.

According to a TK Tech News this photo has been taken at Google I/O and it shows Moto X+1 next to a Moto 360 smartwatch. There is no way we can actually confirm this is a Moto X+1, but it looks thinner and bigger than the Moto X, at least from this angle. Moto X+1 will probably be announced in the coming months, maybe even alongside Moto 360. If that turns out to be true then we’ll see it rather soon, later this summer that is considering Moto 360 will be announced by then.

What do you think? Could this be a Moto X+1 or is it just a Moto X that looks different due to the angle this photo was taken in?

Source: TK Tech News (Instagram)

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