Android L Keyboard now available in the Play Store

Android L Keyboard now available in the Play Store

Earlier today, Kristijan showed those of you who don’t have a rooted device how to get the new Android L Keyboard. However, the issue is that this wouldn’t work on every device. In fact, there’s a lot of devices it wouldn’t work on such as my old, original Nexus 7 and my current daily driver, the Moto X.

But have no fear, there’s a guaranteed way for it to work now. That’s comes via Shen Ye on Twitter who now has a working APK and has uploaded it to the Google Play Store for everyone to grab…FOR FREE!

There are a couple of steps you need to follow once it’s installed to get it to display, but this is just a matter of going into the settings and activating the “Material” theme. You can find the steps below once you’ve installed the new Android L Keyboard from the widget below as well.

  • Go To Settings
  • Click on Keyboard (sometimes called Language & Input)
  • Turn on the Android L Keyboard
  • Scroll down to advanced settings
  • Change Color Scheme to “Material”
  • To use, go into somewhere you can type, drag down your notification bar and switch the keyboard there.

It’s literally as simple as that boys and girls. And the good thing is, this should work on any device running Android 4.2 and above. That’s going to cover a lot of devices actually now days. That’s a good thing and I know a lot more people will be happy installing it from the Play Store.

Also note that Shen Ye has stated that he’s working to get a version where the “Material” theme is set by default, to avoid the few simple steps above.

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  1. patricia bills
    August 13, 15:31 Reply

    Android L keyboard, how I miss you! I lost you after a master reset & now you no longer exist. The keyboard I’m using now is inferior & I would love to meet the caveman that created it to give him a piece of my mind. Android L please come back to me! Your links broke & search can’t even find you. Sigh.

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