Black HTC One M8, yellow Nexus 5 on the horizon

OK, call me boring but I like my smartphones to look understated and elegant. So when it comes to choosing what color I want my hardware to be I will always go for the black option. Lately we are seeing many manufacturers turning towards bold or fancy colour schemes for their devices.

@evleaks has uncovered a pic of what could be a black HTC One M8 lurking out there. The photo shows the back of the One M8 with what looks like a metallic black finish which really works well with the silver HTC logo.

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Following on from the release of a very Red Nexus 5 handset, Google may have let slip that their flagship Nexus phone could be making an appearance in yellow soon. Google already has a yellow bumper case so this could be the same color yellow that we see the Nexus 5 sporting, as we saw with the red Nexus.


Could a yellow Nexus 5 be related to the possible name of “Lemon Cake” for the next version of Android or am I just thinking too much into this?

What are your thoughts on the rumored colors for these two phones ? Let know us know in the comments below.

Source: @evleaks | Android Police