Download and Install Android L’s Google Play Services version 5.0 and Google Play Store Velvet [APK]

Download and Install Android L’s Google Play Services version 5.0 and Google Play Store Velvet [APK]

With the new version of Android L receiving a developer preview, it has enabled the community to un-pack the contents and extract various components from the new Android update. Having already been treated to the entire library of Android L wallpapers to download, you can now also download and install the latest version of Google Play Services version 5.0 to unlock enhanced functionality of apps that hook into it.

You can download the Google Play Services 5.0 update .APK from this link and also the new Google Play Store Velvet APK from this link.

These may only work with certain devices, so drop us a comment in the section below if it worked on your device.


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  1. Brett Norman
    July 03, 11:23 Reply

    Worked on xperia z2. Great update, now have “OK Google” on all screens.

  2. Lorna Calunod
    August 15, 18:34 Reply

    My google play services is not working it was being stopped, how to open it again?

  3. Neuber dCastro
    August 21, 11:56 Reply

    Work at Moto x, but I had to uninstall the old Google play services with root and then install the new

  4. galaxy tab
    August 28, 06:07 Reply

    My google play isnt working again. It doesnt even load at all, and i ve been using it before now, why ??

  5. sexylady19
    August 28, 11:08 Reply

    It’s not working on Apple 5S will somebody help me???? Email me @[email protected]

    • chris
      November 03, 01:28 Reply

      Hi sorry to tell you sadly it will only install on an android phone but you are currently using an iOS phone… So it is incompatable.

  6. Betty Graham
    October 07, 10:52 Reply

    My Google play services stop playing saying foreclosed

  7. Janel Thomas
    October 20, 01:56 Reply

    Hey this service does not work with my Iveiw tablet I don’t know what to do because it use to

  8. Escada Montana
    January 19, 02:46 Reply

    My google play always crash. .all google app cant open. ..MEITU

  9. boyet clemente
    January 25, 04:23 Reply

    xperia e51i can’t download games on play store me..thanks.

  10. rodiza
    February 05, 09:50 Reply

    Plzzz help me my google play service is not working.

  11. emmaunel
    February 25, 06:46 Reply

    i can get assess 2 the play market on my phone….i need ur help plssssss

  12. Somen Tamang
    March 07, 10:51 Reply

    my Google play store was displaced/deleted,so how to reinstall it.

  13. ravi
    March 12, 13:06 Reply

    My phone in not unsettled
    Please help me

  14. apingdal6
    April 23, 22:06 Reply

    My Google play services stopped and always popping every time I browse .what LM gonna do?I don’t this b shit.

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