Get the new Android “L” keyboard on your Android 4.0+ device (root NOT required)

Get the new Android “L” keyboard on your Android 4.0+ device (root NOT required)

Earlier today Thomas already explained how you can get the new Material Design keyboard from Android “L” to your device. You could do that for any device but you couldn’t do it without root privileges, we’re going to try to change that if you’re amongst those who have a non-rooted Android 4.0+ device and want to try this keyboard out.

Let me first tell you that it won’t work on any device. I can tell you right from the start that it definitely won’t work on (a non-rooted) Nexus devices because in order to get it to work you have to get rid of Android Keyboard and you can’t do that on Nexus devices because you can’t uninstall it, it’s a default app over there. I personally wasn’t able to test it out because I’m all in on Nexus devices.

The app was tested on a non-rooted Moto G by and it worked just fine. You can thank for all this to XDA developers user “asdfzz” who modded the .apk and posted it to XDA forums. How can you try it out? Follow these steps:

  1. Go to Settings/Security on your phone and make sure “Unknown sources” is checked
  2. Follow this link and get the .apk file
  3. If you have Android Keyboard installed, uninstall it.
  4. Go to Android L keyboard settings
  5. Open “Advanced settings”
  6. Select color scheme “Material”

Let us know if it works, which device you’re using and if you like it (in case it works of course). Consider this an optional step number 7.

Source: XDA

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  1. patricia bills
    August 13, 15:42 Reply

    The page the link took me to keeps re-routing me to ads or to the play store for games. Having once had an intrusive ad that would take me wherever & away from the page I was on, I am now extra paranoid. As much as I would like to get my Android L keyboard back on my non rooted phone, I won’t risk it with that link.

    • patricia bills
      August 13, 15:45 Reply

      This crappy keyboard wouldn’t pop up when I tried to edit my comment. Edit… Ads happened when I touched the page.

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