Test your emoji deciphering skills with Guess The Emoji [App of the Day]

Test your emoji deciphering skills with Guess The Emoji [App of the Day]

Emojis can be used to display emotions to a person you text. They can also be used to describe people, places and things.  But did you know emojis could be used to addict you to your phone even more!?

Random Logic Games, the makers of a dozen or so popular guessing games in the Play Store, has designed a game with the avid texter in mind called Guess The Emoji.

This casual guessing game displays 2 or more emojis together, and the player has to try to figure out what the emojis are describing.  I know it sounds easy, but believe me, it gets harder as you level up. There may come a point where you just get stuck, but there is an option for hints if you feel you need to use them.

Guess The Emoji surprised me and is so much fun.  It is currently sitting at above 4 stars and has over 80 thousand ratings.  Its free so grab it now and let me know what you think in the comments.

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