LG and Google partnering up in order to bring us Project Tango

Google’s Project Tango is certainly an impressive concept, and that is set to be made a reality with LG announcing a partnership with Google to bring Project Tango hardware to life.

Project Tango is unique because the idea allows 3D mapping of your environment through a variety of sensors and cameras. Now imagine this on a tablet, and better yet seeing it on shelves as soon as next year.

Google and LG have worked on hardware in the past, and the partnership definitely yields some impressive results at low costs. A Project Tango tablet and an affordable price would definitely be revolutionary, especially when you can 3D scan yourself and see you running around in a FPS on a tablet.

The dream is almost a reality.

[youtube id=”44vppay5UDc” width=”100%” height=”500px”]

SOURCE: The Verge