Need a new messaging app with plenty of features? Path Talk might be your thing [App of the Day]

Most of you know or have probably heard of, tried or are using a social network called Path. Well, Path Inc. came up with yet another messaging app in a seriously crowded messaging apps space… and guess what, it’s rather good.

Chances are you probably use one of many messaging services such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Whats App, etc. Well, Path Talk is rather similar to those, in concept at least. It of course has its own set of features, but the principal is the same. After you download the app you need to enter your phone number after which you’ll get a verification SMS code and the fun can begin.

The design of the app itself is rather beautiful, it pops. The app can tell your contacts when you’re nearby or even when your battery is low. If you’ve tried Path you’re familiar with this concept, considering Path Messaging from Path app has turned into a separate app we’re talking about right now. Group chat, voice messaging, handmade stickers and lots more is included in Path Talk and is at your disposal should you choose to try/use this app.

Path Talk____1


Don’t just take our word for it, try the app yourself and let us know how you like it!


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Source: Google Play

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  • Danny Alvarez

    It’s a very good app.

    • Kristijan Lučić

      Are you gonna keep using it? What other messaging apps do you use? I liked Path Talk, but I just don’t need it, so I’m wondering…

      • Danny Alvarez

        I’m going to keep it around to see where it develops as it is just released and I can tell it has a lot of potential.

        I’ve used Kik, Snapchat, Facebook, Viber, Skype, etc… Every messaging app you can imagine. So far Path is competing very well. The only issues I’ve seen is that it lags quite a bit. It takes my girlfriend a few minutes to receive my messages on Path whilst on Kik, it is instant. Then again, it just got released. I feel it will improve this over time.

        For now, I haven’t used it /too/ much since it’s hard to make all my friends migrate to it, but I have used it with my girlfriend and it’s very nice. She loves the ability to link music, movies and books! I also like the fact that people can click the music and get a preview. It’s a very nice app with a lot of features.

        • Kristijan Lučić

          I didn’t experience that much lag I have to admit, but it’s quite possible. As you said, it got released recently and it will take some time to get it to work as it should.
          That’s exactly what was on my mind while testing it, features. There are so many included in that app. I would like to use it more but 90% of people I talk to use Facebook Messenger or Facebook messages in general, so I’m kinda stuck there.

      • r

        How can you send voice notes on path talk. I pressed the audio and recorded but it’s weird it isn’t like the other voice notes that I know of like whatsapp and bbm are different

        • Kristijan Lučić

          You tap the plus icon and then do the same with the microphne icon. After that you’ll see a bar at the bottom of the screen which says “hold to talk”, hold that while talking and just release when you’re done. It worked fine for me.