The best paid RSS reader apps for Android

The best paid RSS reader apps for Android

Amber Widget

Just as you would expect, the developer of Amber has added the ability to have a widget on your home screen. There are, of course, customizable options found within the Settings panel, so that you can have your widget appear just how you’d like it to. There are two different widget themes available, Light and Dark, but you can customize the Widget Title Color, and the Widget Snippet Color to your liking. I played around with these once or twice, but ended up going back to “stock” because I liked the way that everything looked that way.

If you want to give Amber a shot, head on over to the Play Store via the widget below for only $1.99. So for a dollar cheaper, you get a few more customizable options, but more importantly, you can adjust Amber to your liking from top to bottom.


Reeder+ Feeds

The final paid RSS reader we’ll be taking a look at today, is Reader+. While I wanted to keep this list as short as possible, and having Amber and Press already been number one and two in my arsenal, finding the third featured RSS reader, proved to be a difficult task. I went based off of trying to keep the cost below $3, while still trying to find the best bang for the buck. Enter Reader+. If I didn’t want to be a cheap-skate, I could’ve picker up gReader, one of the most popular RSS readers on the Play Store, but I decided to “settle” for Reader+.

If you thought Amber was jam-packed with settings and customizable options, you haven’t played around with Reader+ yet. When I first started up Reader+, I was impressed, but a little annoyed at the same time, until I started poking around. After you’ve signed in with Feedly, all of your RSS articles are thrown right in front of you. No organization, just a scrollable list. This scrollable list has options on the left to star the article, and a checkbox on the right to mark an article as read. The expected buttons at the top for Sync, Mark Read, and the overflow menu are in plain site, and there is a Navigation drawer that can be pulled out from the left. This is where I started to become more impressed with Reader+.

Reeder+ Navigation bar

The Navigation bar isn’t anything fancy, but the way that it is designed is what caught my attention. Like Amber, your specified categories are displayed here. You can simply tap each category to display all of the articles, or expand upon the category, and select specific feeds to be displayed, if you choose. Once you’ve selected any feed, the same scrollable list appears with whatever category or site, you’ve chosen. Once you have selected a specific article to read, you have the same ole’ three options in the top right for marking as read, sharing, and the overflow menu. I like that all of these apps have that, even if it does get redundant while looking at all three.

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