The best paid RSS reader apps for Android

Once you’ve scrolled through and read which ever article you choose to, you are presented with a couple of different options, that aren’t found in Amber or Press. You will see two options, Mobilized and Original. If you tap on mobilized, you will not see any images that have been added to the original article, and for some reason, if you just keep scrolling downwards, the rest of the posts within the feed will be viewable. If you select Original, Reader+ takes you to the mobile site of whichever article you are currently reading. Sometimes this comes in handy for articles like Cliff Wade’s Icon Packs, where the article spans more than just one page. Personally, unless I am viewing a longer article, I’ll usually just keep the article within Reader+, without hitting either options.

Settings is where the fun begins, The overflow menu on the main page, offers a little bit more than Press or Amber. Since there are those pesky checkboxes, you can toggle whether you want to hide the items that you’ve already read. If you want to be able to view the featured image of an article, as well as a little bit more of the first paragraph, you can toggle Expand button and view your articles in this fashion. Diving into the Settings panel itself, there are your usual suspects, like Appearance, Synchronization, and General, but you can also edit your subscriptions, as well as set up specific notifications when new items are available within Reader+.

Reeder+ Widget

Finally, while there is not a specific panel within Settings for your widget, have no fear, Reader+ has allowed users to change those settings when they add the widget to their home screen. Just like Press, there are two different widgets. The 4×2 widget is for you to be able to view the articles in a list format, while the 1×1 widget is simply a badge notifier to show you how many articles are awaiting you. Within the widget configuration for the 4×2 widget, you can choose which feed you would like to be able to view, whether you want a specific feed, or all of your items. There are also toggles to show only unread items, view items within your browser, and show the featured image for whatever articles are in your feed.

Reeder+ may be on it’s way to taking the top spot for my favorite RSS reader on my Android devices. Only time will tell, but I can promise you one thing, Reeder+ took a lot of attention away from Press or Amber. You can pick up Reeder+ from the Play Store for a cool $1.99, and you surely will not be disappointed.

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This wraps up my top 3 paid RSS readers available today on the Play Store. New and exciting RSS readers are popping up every day, no matter what platform you are on, and it’s exciting to see. The beautiful thing about all three of these, is the integration with Feedly, as well as the fact that they all do RSS feeds a little differently. What are you using to keep track of your news? Do you even view RSS feeds on your devices, or do you just keep track of everything via bookmarks or Twitter/Google+? Leave a comment below, letting us know what you’re favorite RSS application is, or if you have any questions about any of the apps you’ve seen today.