Download all the Android L Apps [APK]

Download all the Android L Apps [APK]

We’ve already seen a lot of Android L goodness, from wallpapers to keyboards, but now thanks to the guys over at XDA, you can download all the apps that come with Android L all at once.

The list is pretty extensive and contains all the Android L app .APK’s, some of which will be more useful to you than others.

Nonetheless, hit the link here to download them all in bulk, or here to download each app individually.

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  1. scsharp
    June 30, 09:56 Reply

    The links bring me straight to here!XRQCGI6T!UemF-5bCb7YjhENv9kJ99w

  2. Sverre Norlie
    July 06, 01:14 Reply

    Bullshit… All you get is an opportunity to download cloud storage Mega

  3. brayo
    April 20, 11:18 Reply

    Your comment..i would like to install android in my phone pls iphone6

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