DroidTV is your own DVR in your pocket [App of the Day]

Watch what you want when you want with DroidTV.  The DroidTV app by Northwest Digital Software Inc. aims to fill your pocket with your favorite shows without draining your pocket of your hard earned money.

Use this amazing app as your own personal DVR, and record shows anytime any day of the week.  Watch your shows at your leisure instead of rushing home to catch your weekly favs.

DroidTV includes Chromecast support so you can still watch your shows in HD on your television.

The best part about DroidTV is that its totally legal and very inexpensive. You can have access to your shows for as little as $3.99 a month, or opt for a lifetime subscription for just $49.99.  The DroidTV app even comes with a 14 day free trial. You get full feature access during the trial.

Try DroidTV today and you will be glad you did.

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  • Sleerts

    Not sure if this is truly legal guys…

    • Tarus Godbolt

      @sleerts, I’ll check into it.

  • Shannon Gilliam

    This feels like an ad.

    • Tarus Godbolt

      Not an add, I just like the app.

  • John

    Where might I see a list of all channels that DroidTV supports and what extras it has?


  • John

    Has anyone addressed the legality of recording channels that are not in my area (not the channels that I already receive with my rooftop antenna).


  • Hairy Harris

    Whatever happened with this? Is it dead?