NVIDIA Shield 2 could launch globally on July 22, report says


The successor to last year’s NVIDIA Shield could arrive in around three weeks time, says new reports. What’s more, rather than launching in the United States and then rolling out to other countries, the presumed Shield 2 could get a global launch.  The time frame, according to sources close to French media, suggest the device will be here as soon as July 22.


Likely powered by an NVIDIA Tegra K1 CPU (2.5 GHz) with a GeForce Kepler GPU, other specifications being rumored for the gaming and entertainment unit include 4 GB RAM, 16GB internal storage and a 1440 x 810 pixel display. Presumably, the Shield 2 runs the latest or very recent version of Android out of the box. Its predecessor has done very well for itself in terms of software updates and added enhancements along the way. If NVIDIA is able to pick up where the former leaves off then gamers will be in for a serious treat this summer.

Via GforGames


  1. 1440 x 810? That’s piss poor for a tablet now. Especially with all the 2k tablets arriving, the chip is a beast, yet you put a mediocre screen on it just like the original 720p display on the original shield. If this is the case I’d much rather purchase the Xiaomi Mipad, less ram but better display and same nvidia tegra k1.