Project Ara reaches beta status, 100 testers will receive the device

Project Ara reaches beta status, 100 testers will receive the device

Remember Phonebloks aka Project Ara? Yeah, that “crazy” modular smartphone concept by Motorola which Google took over and has been working on ever since. Well, it turns out Google has some great news for us, Project Ara reached beta status.

So, here’s the gist. Google launched “Scouts” program in October last year. That very same program attracted 30,000 people who answered questions and completed all sorts of challenges in order to help Project Ara. Out of 30,000 people Google picked only 100 lucky ones who will be Project Ara’s beta testers. They’ll receive a physical device, for free of course, and will then test it. It is unknown when will this happen though. Google said that it will take another 8 months until Project Ara hits the market though, which is a bit longer than the earlier report suggested, but that’s not so far away when we think about it. Until then you can sign up for future updates if you follow the source link below, just scroll down to the bottom of the page.

We are eagerly expecting more information on this and basically can’t wait until the product hits the market. How about you?

Source: Google

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