How to clear all notifications using Android L (preview)

How to clear all notifications using Android L (preview)

Are you like me, and many others, who just HAD to download and play with the Android L developer preview? Did you run into the issue of having to clear all of your notifications one by one, because Google had not implemented a Clear All function? Well Koushik Dutta, the well known developer for apps such as AllCast, and the popular ClockWorkMod Recovery system for Android devices, has something for everyone.

Clear Notifications

Koush has released a downloadable tweak for those Android L users, that allows you to clear all your notifications, with ease. While playing around with Android L, I would get annoyed at the fact that I needed to constantly clear my notifications one by one. It’s not known if this was just something that wasn’t baked into Android L yet. Nonetheless Koush has saved the day.

While it’s not the convenient three lines at the bottom of your screen, and there isn’t just a clear all button. However, the tweak just appears as another notification, and all you need to do is tap the notification and everything disappears from your notification bar. Koush kept in mind to not just throw anything together when designing this tweak. He was able to keep the look and feel of the Material design found throughout the Android L developer preview. If you’re worried about being able to clear notifications from your lock screen, don’t be. This small tweak allows you to clear those lock screen notifications as well.

In order to get this tweak onto your phone, so that you can start clearing your notifications on Android L, simply download, install the APK file, and you’re ready to go. You can download this useful tweak from Koush, by downloading the APK found here.


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