Google Play Services 5.0 rolling out to devices worldwide

Google Play Services 5.0 rolling out to devices worldwide

A few days ago we presented you with a way to update Google Play Services to version 5.0. This update was done manually and it worked only on certain devices. Well, this version of Google Play Services is now rolled out to devices worldwide, according to Google.

This update brings a slew of features and improvements to the service. It introduces Android wearable services APIs, Dynamic Security Provider and App Indexing. This version also includes updates for Google Play game services, Cast, Drive, Wallet, Analytics, and Mobile Ads.

You can find more information on this if you follow the source link in the end of this article or just watch the video which is embedded below.

[youtube id=”q3Q5n-FFWD4#t” width=”100%” height=”300px”]
Source: Android Developers Blog

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