“OK Google” hotword is now available in a bunch of new languages

“OK Google” hotword is now available in a bunch of new languages

Google Now is a really useful service which keeps on getting better and better. For some it is more useful than for others. Google Now launcher offers you the benefit of activating voice search on which ever home screen you’re in while the Moto X is a completely different story thanks to its custom chip and some nifty software which makes it possible for users to activate voice search even when the phone is locked.

Up until now you had to use the service in English (US or UK) in order to activate voice search, but if you update your Google Search app to version 3.5 you won’t be that limited any longer. Presuming you also have Google Services 5.0 which rolled out to Android devices recently. Google decided to include a bunch of new languages to the service, so that people would be able to activate voice search while using the service in their native language. If you’re using any of the following languages you should be able to activate the service: English (all accents), Spanish (Spain and Mexico), German, French, Italian, Russian, Portugese (Brazilian only), Korean, Japanese.

Share your thoughts once you try it out. Presuming you’re using the service in one of the listed languages (excluding English of course).

Source: Google Play Store
Via: Pocketnow

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  1. Vijender
    July 03, 14:01 Reply

    That isn’t true in my case. I’ve updated google search to version 3.5. All english accents only work when i open the Google search app. From home screen, in between apps and lock screen it still requires English(US) language to be preset.
    From India.

    • Kristijan Lučić
      July 05, 20:39 Reply

      That’s odd, a bunch of us tried it and it works perfectly. What version of Google Play Services do you have ATM and what phone and OS version are we talking about?

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