Project Ara’s chief designer departs Google

Project Ara’s chief designer departs Google

Google’s Project Ara reached beta status. Those are some great news and we should see it hit the market in eight months. However there are some bad news as well. Unfortunately Project Ara’s chief designer Dan Makoski is leaving his position and Google altogether.

This information comes directly from Dan Makoski’s blog. He started his blog post with: “Starting tomorrow, there will be no more free lunches, subsidized massages, weekly company meetings, ringing colorful bicycle bells, or working with the brilliant pirates at Google’s Advanced Technology & Projects team, or ATAP.” Dan Makoski departs Google in order to join Capital One where he’ll become VP of Design. He ends his post with: “So goodbye Google. You’ve been amazing to me and continue to inspire with your openness and your moonshots.” You can read his full statement if you click on the source link below.

We have no idea if Google offered him a new contract considering his 2 years are up. This leaves Project Ara without a lead designer but despite that we have no doubts everything will go as planned and cannot wait to see those devices in action.

Source: Dan Makoski
Via: Android Police

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  1. Dave
    July 03, 07:13 Reply

    I don’t think many people actually believed this would come to fruition anyway.

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