Verizon bound LG G3 Vista leaks

Verizon bound LG G3 Vista leaks

About a month ago we came across a report which said that Verizon will start selling LG G3 on July 17. Well, now we have some new info regarding Verizon and LG G3, at least in some form.

Let me explain, a new report came in containing an image of a phone which looks like an LG G3, but the leaker calls it LG G3 Vista. This image comes from a known leaker @evleaks and it resembles the G3, but there are some differences. The phone seems to lack a metallic look-alike finish on the back, this looks way different. That’s not the only odd thing when it comes to this leak though, the phone seems to lack dual LED flash on the back as well. Original LG G3 has it, this one on the other hand has only one flash on the back. Everything else seems to be in place though.

The question remains, is this going to be LG G3 under a new moniker with a different pattern on the back and with only one LED flash, or are they going to change the insides of the phone as well. Who knows, I guess we’re just going to have to wait for Verizon to release the thing and then we’ll see, if we don’t get more reports in the meantime that is.

Source: @evleaks
Via: TechnoBuffalo

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