A proper Nokia Lumia device running Android is coming our way, report says

We’ve all heard this rumor before, we’ve heard it numerous times in fact. All that hope and then we get Nokia X which is an abomination of sorts, not an Android device, hence the use of “proper” in the title. Abomination might be a strong word, but Nokia X is neither a Windows Phone nor an Andriod device. It looks like a WP and it is run by extremely limited Android platform which lacks some basic Google apps and it’s an entry level phone. Anyhow, we’re not here to talk about Nokia X.

When Microsoft bought Nokia it was hard to believe they’d ever release an Android powered handset. You might recall that Nokia X was also launched before that deal closed, although Microsoft did introduce Nokia X2 afterwards, so that did leave us some hope I guess.

Well, a known leaker @evleaks shared something rather interesting with us today. @evelaks is usually right so we decided to give this leak some attention. He teased us with the following sentence:

“Big news: Android-powered Lumia incoming, from Nokia by Microsoft”

Unfortunately we don’t get any more details when it comes to this leak, but this is still something. You might notice he mentions “Lumia” in that sentence, which leads us to believe this won’t be another Nokia X-like device but a proper Android offering by Microsoft-owned Nokia brand.

I don’t know about you, but we’re very, very excited about all this. As I said, this leaker has an amazing track record, so he definitely did get our hopes up. How about you, do you think this will ever happen and would you buy an Android-powered flagship Lumia device, presuming they don’t mess with Android on a core level?

Source: @evleaks