Moto 360 may be offered with a Silver wristband

Moto 360 may be offered with a Silver wristband

The Moto 360 is a stunning looking smartwatch already, and arguably the best ascetically of the Android Wear offerings so far, but according to a recent discovery of an image embedded on the landing page of the Moto 360 on the Motorola website, the device could yet be offered in a Silver option. Hidden in… Read more »

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  1. Diar
    July 08, 10:57 Reply

    This thing is gorgeous. I’m not exactly sure why Samsung and LG didn’t go back to the drawing board, but I’m sure the MBAs working for them had their reasons. As for me, assuming it can be seen clearly without any issue in bright sunlight, the 360 will be a day one purchase.

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