Accessory of the Day: iKross 3.5mm Stereo Earbuds with Microphone

Accessory of the Day: iKross 3.5mm Stereo Earbuds with Microphone

Face it, you’ve misplaced those headphones that came with your smartphone. Or, maybe you got your device second-hand and never got a pair to begin with. Why not pick up a spare set of headphones? This way you can toss them in your bag and have them ready to go on the next trip. Or, keep them with your bug out bag and have a pair with you in the event of an apocalypse or zombie pandemic.

The iKross Stereo Earbuds work with any handset you’ll find, including those from HTC, Samsung, Motorola, and Apple. Features include tangle-free flat cables, extra ear gels, on/off control, and noise reduction for the microphone.

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