Android L’s quick settings might be customizable once the OS gets released

Android L’s quick settings might be customizable once the OS gets released

The beauty of Android si the ability to customize it. Even without rooting the phone you have an incredible level of customization that you can apply on your device, unlike some other platforms which allow you to do very little when ti comes to this *cough* WP and iOS *cough*.

Non-rooted Android devices can’t do much when it comes to customizing built-in quick settings at the moment but that might change once Android “L” is launched. Certain user requested some feedback on this in the official Android previews issue tracker, actually he requested this feature and a member of Android “L” project responded to this. He seemed intrigued by the idea, so intrigued that we might actually see something like this once Android “L” is released or in the future updates to it.

This of course doesn’t have to mean absolutely anything, but it might. I personally would definitely welcome a feature like this, how about you?

Source: Code.Google
Via: PhoneArena

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