Essential apps for every Android user

Essential apps for every Android user



Spotify recently introduced a free ad-supported version of their radio and its great! The suggestions are a little off at first, but once it learns what you like, the song selections get better and better. Its far better than Pandora in terms of song diversity. The design is beautiful as well, which is never a bad thing!

Muzei Live Wallpaper


I’m an icon addict, and with that comes the constant changing of wallpapers as well. Muzei Live wallpaper allows you to set intervals at which your wallpaper will change automatically, as well as numerous different sources to choose from to pull some absolutely beautiful images from. Created and developed by a Google employee, Roman Nurik, Muzei has blurring and brightness options in case you want to have blurred wallpapers or want to see them dimmer or brighter. Because of my icon addiction, Muzei is one of the first apps that gets slapped onto any and every device I own.



Because I’m a huge fan of changing up the home screen layout with new widgets, I am always quick to add Ultimate Custom Widget to my Android. Sure, the app itself comes with plenty of pre-configured designs and widgets, but it’s the community creations that really make things fun. If you’re looking to spice things up and don’t want to get your hands dirty, this is one you’ll want.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse

This is where I go to see all the news I want to see. Pulse makes it easy to gather up all the things you are interested in and will display news headlines from tons of sites that provide the news you like.



Soundcloud is for musicians and listeners. I use it to follow some of my favorite artists, as well as post my own music.You can follow artists, similar to how you follow people on Twitter, and then stream or download their music.


GasBuddy is definitely a great app in today’s economy. Users report the gas prices at different stations near your location. All you need to do is find the cheapest near you, and head over to fill up! It can be a life saver when on the road, and especially on long trips.

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  1. rsanchez1
    July 10, 14:11 Reply

    Shazzam is a waste of time to install now that you can use SoundSearch for Google Play. It backs up your history to your Google account and you don’t even need to log in to start using it.

  2. Steve
    July 12, 03:23 Reply

    You must take a look at
    1) Flashlight revolution (flashlight on lock screen with shake gesture)
    2) Multi photos contact (photo contact change automatically)
    3) hello SMS ( sms app replacement )

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