Essential apps for every Android user

Essential apps for every Android user

Google Keep

Google Keep

A notetaking app is as simple an app as it comes, but Google Keep is on all my device and essential in my life. Apps like Evernote are great, but I love how Google Keep is tied to my Google account, which I’m already signed into on my device, plus it keeps my notes synced across all my devices as well. I can always have access to my grocery store list, names and emails for contacts I just met, homework for college classes and even just my own random thoughts.



Ever since I bought my first Android phone, one of the first apps I’ve always installed was Shazam. There’s always the time when I’m out somewhere or listening to the radio and hear a song I’ve never heard before and need to know the name of it. That is where Shazam comes in handy in my life. Google Now may do this as well, but in my opinion, Shazam does it better than anyone else.


Call Blocker

Blocker is an app that will block those unwanted calls or texts and it does it in a very simple way with an easy UI to navigate that quickly adds callers to your blacklist. Blocker will handle your unwanted calls or texts in the way you want them to be handled with built in options on what to do when the spam hits your phone, and you can easily tweak the settings incase you want it to act differently. The app is free with no ads and runs in the background using very little battery.



I use my phone to a lot to get on the web and Roboform is my goto password manager which is real handy when logging into my favorite sites. The app can sync my account across multiple devices so that I always have access to what I need. The UI is nice and clean and it is very simple to browse my password lists with the option to login to a site from the app using the built in browser. Roboform takes the chore out of remembering or generating passwords and that why I recommend it. The app is free and so is a basic Roboform account for syncing but its best to buy the full version for the best features.



If you haven’t started using a password manager quite yet, you should. Security is big, and LastPass, I find, is the easiest way to get the job done. Enter in all of your passwords or create new ones at random. Once you click on a text field to enter a password, LastPass will pop up and give you an option to fill it in. Since all of my passwords are in LastPass, this app is crucial for me.

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  1. rsanchez1
    July 10, 14:11 Reply

    Shazzam is a waste of time to install now that you can use SoundSearch for Google Play. It backs up your history to your Google account and you don’t even need to log in to start using it.

  2. Steve
    July 12, 03:23 Reply

    You must take a look at
    1) Flashlight revolution (flashlight on lock screen with shake gesture)
    2) Multi photos contact (photo contact change automatically)
    3) hello SMS ( sms app replacement )

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