Fleksy Keyboard introduces 15 new languages in beta

If you don’t know about Fleksy keyboard yet, you probably should. It’s one of the most rapidly growing keyboards for Android, and for good reason. They recently set a world record for fast typing, and launched a new keyboard on the Samsung Gear 2 smartwatch. They’re about to expand again with the introduction of 15 new supported languages in beta!

The company is launching Norwegian, Catalan, Hebrew, Croatian and Romanian, amongst other widely requested languages. What’s more, is that they’re also adding languages variants like English (UK), Brazilian Portuguese, French Canadian and Latin American Spanish. Not all keyboards have support for language variants, especially this many. And for a relatively young keyboard, they’re making huge strides in advancing their technology.

Kosta Eleftheriou, founder and CEO of Fleksy, explains the company’s future plans to expand.

“Today’s update represents a major, cross-platform engineering milestone for us. We are excited to confirm that are on schedule to support a total of over 40 languages, for both Android and iOS, out of beta by this fall.”

It’s certainly not easy building support for 15 new languages, so kudos to Fleksy for working hard on this. If you haven’t yet tried this keyboard, head to the Play Store to try it out today!

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