Google Play Games 2.0 rolling out now carrying features and improvements [Download]

Google Play Games 2.0 rolling out now carrying features and improvements [Download]

New update to Google Play Games is rolling out as we speak. It is bringing a number of features and improvements, let’s see what we get in this 2.0 update.

As far as new features go we get level-up notifications and XP ranking, along with that you might notice a few UI tweaks in the app. Inbox, which was up to now reserved for game invitations only, has been tweaked and now includes separate tabs for invitations, quests and gifts. Play Now, Players and My Games screens have also been tweaked. All in all they’ve slightly changed the looks and the functionality of the app itself.

The official version of the update is 2.0.11 and if you don’t want to wait until they push it to your device you can download the .APK here, all you need is an Android 2.3+ device and you’re good to go!

Via: AndroidPolice

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