OnePlus Two “Lettuce” is in the works?

OnePlus Two “Lettuce” is in the works?

This might sound a bit insane considering OnePlus One is still a relatively new device. People are still struggling to get their hands on invitations in order to buy that phone. OnePlus One is as high-end as they get and the sequel is allegedly already in the works.

Usually we’d just say “hell no!” to a rumor like this, but considering the source it’s worth a peek. @evleaks has a great track record as we’ve said numerous times and this time the leaker posted the following sentence on his page:

“OnePlus One:Bacon::OnePlus [Two]:Lettuce”

This is a huge tease by @evlekas. According to him OnePlus One’s codename was “Bacon” while the OnePlus Two’s is “Lettuce”. Unfortunately we don’t get any more information here, that’s it. As I’ve said, this is one huge tease when it comes to OnePlus One’s sequel, nothing more. It’s up to you if you’ll believe it and we’ll make sure to pass along new information as it comes to us.

Source: @evelaks

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