Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Three

MagmaUI by Vishal Kashi(GFXDevs)

MagmaUI Banner

With MagmaUI you get an icon pack with an unusual color combination of orange, white and a charcoal gray and this is exactly what sets this icon apart from others. Vishal Kashi of GFX Devs has really created something different with MagmaUI and I think it’s something that everyone needs to be showing off on their homescreens.

You get over 1,000 custom made icons, 8 HD wallpapers, icon request tool, icon back and icon mask features as well as a full theme dashboard. And you get all of that and a bit more for just $1.37 which isn’t much for such a great icon pack.

MagmaUI Screenshot

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Moreno by John Xionidis(Giannisgx89)

Moreno Icon Banner

John Xionidis has been around for quite a bit of time doing a lot of different things. His latest work, Moreno Icons is something different for him as he’s done a bit of iOS looking icon packs and things similar. Moreno is a nice squared icon set with rounded corners, something that’s become pretty popular over the last year or so. Throw in John’s attention to detail and unique custom icon designs, and you’ve got a great set.

One of the largest icon packs you’ll see with over 2,750 custom made icons, 21+ HD wallpapers, full theme dashboard, icon size of 192 x 192 pixels and dynamic calendar support makes $1.77 for this pack more than worth it in every way possible.

Moreno Screenshot

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