Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Three

Icon packs that you must have on your Android device…Round Three

Meteor by Mohammed Musaddiq(GFXDevs)

Meteor Icon Banner

GFX Devs is a team of several guys making some awesome stuff, and Mohammed Musaddiq is another of their developers who’s making some nice icon packs.  The one I’m showing you today is called Meteor. Another round icon pack with a long shadow, except this time the long shadow is trailing behind the actual app icon, making it appear as if it’s a Meteor falling from the sky. Very unique and definitely something that catches the eye.

For the small fee of $1.50 you get 720+ HD icons sized at 192 x 192 pixels, cloud based HD wallpaper support, icon mask and icon back feature as well as an icon request tool. Not too shabby of a price for what you get plus throw in the detailed icons and this is a set worthy of purchasing today.

Meteor Screenshot

Naxos Flat Round by Morgan C & Francesco Santoro(Mowmo & Sainz)

Naxos Icon Banner
Next up is Naxos Flat Round, which is what I’m showing you, but Naxos also comes in two other styles including Naxos Taz and Naxos Flat(square icons) for those that like different shaped icons. Mowmo and Sainz have done an extremely awesome job with Naxos Flat Round by making a simple, clean, yet nice looking icon set. There’s not a lot of flashy stuff going on or anything like that, and you know, a minimal look every now and then is good to have.

You get 34+ HD wallpapers, 1,500+ HD icons, Muzei Wallpaper and Behang Wallpaper support. Plus you also get 4 launcher folder icons and 7 dock backgrounds for the amazing price of just $1.69. Also worth mentioning is the cloud wallpaper support, a clock widget and dynamic calendar icon support for those of you using Nova Launcher.

Naxos Flat Round Screenshot

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  1. Sylvia Beaver
    July 11, 20:53 Reply

    What clock & weather widget is shown on the Aloha and Asteroid phone screenshots? Thanks!

      • Cliff Wade
        July 12, 11:12 Reply

        @richardtrzcinski:disqus Unfortunately there’s no way you can. Since it’s not my original work, I can’t share the files. I certainly wish I could, but I can’t do that to the original developer.

    • Hoosier 67
      July 13, 15:56 Reply

      Cliff, thank you for your informative reply to my daughter. Both of our phones now sport the Rtr Clock and Nova Launcher. Best wishes to your dev friend on releasing his clock mod to the masses!

      • Cliff Wade
        July 13, 16:19 Reply

        @adam_beaver:disqus No problem at all! Glad you got it working. That’s what it’s all about is helping others :)

  2. David Kurisu
    July 12, 08:00 Reply

    What launcher are you running to allow those 4 icons grouped on your dock?

    • Larry
      July 12, 10:29 Reply

      +David Kurisu try Nova Launcher, it will allow you to ad icon folders like that and much much more!

    • Cliff Wade
      July 12, 11:11 Reply

      @davidkurisu:disqus I’m using Nova Launcher Prime, but majority of the big name launchers allow it, like Apex Pro and others.

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