Moto X and G get banned in Germany

Moto X and G get banned in Germany

A ruling made at the Mannheim Regional Court in Germany on July 8th found Motorola to infringe on a patent held by LPKF – a German engineering firm – in reference to the antenna design used in the companies Moto X and Moto G devices.

Consequently, Motorola have been ordered to pay damages to LPKF and have also been instructed to recall all devices sold in Germany which infringe on the patent. However, Motorola have issued this statement:

“Motorola has taken steps to avoid interruption in supply or recall issues by using components from an authorized source in its phones that are currently shipping.”

This means that Motorola shouldn’t experience any disruption by the patent infringement.

Now LPKF have found success in Germany it’ll be interesting to see if the company persue the same claims in other courts around the world.


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    • Dan Bartram
      July 11, 10:04 Reply

      What’s different than what was reported? Sure the scale of the recall may have been exaggerated as was the reliability of the devices on the patent technology, but the content of the story remains the same: Motorola were found guilty of infringing on a patent and any devices (whether sold or not) are to be blocked.

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