OnePlus aren’t working on ‘Lettuce’ device just yet

OnePlus aren’t working on ‘Lettuce’ device just yet

We saw a leak surface yesterday that suggested OnePlus were already working on the successor to the OnePlus One, dubbed ‘Lettuce’. With such shorty supply of the OnePlus One and so soon after its release date, this understandly took a few people by surprise.

However, the community need not panic, since OnePlus have clarified the leak stating that there are “just working on the OnePlus One for 2014. Thanks!”.

Clearly they are working on ‘Lettuce’ behind the scenes – they’d be a pretty short-sighted company if they weren’t – but at least it gives satisfaction to early adopters of the OnePlus One that their devices won’t be rendered out of date after only a few weeks after all.

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