Get at peace with Quiet Meditation

Get at peace with Quiet Meditation

Overstressed? Having trouble meditating? Quiet Meditation is an app designed to help you reach the achievement of the Psycho-Physical Well-Being.

This app promotes simple and practical exercises that will help you get your balance back while getting rid of stress and negativity. The app uses a minimalist design and neutral colors in order to not to distraction your attention from the exercises. After using the app, the colors and the and design did assist with making the app feel clean and definitely helped the app achieve its goals. In addition to the relaxation exercises, the app also includes basic exercises for Autogenic Training to help the user experience a total fulfillment.

Some other highlights of the app include:

  • Exercises designed for specific types of well-being;
  • 5 different musical themes plus the added sounds of nature, or you can work in silence if preferred;
  • Automatic presetted timer for alerts with an acoustic signal;
  • The app helps you to prepare for mediation with it’s easy to use interface

Quiet Meditation aims to give you the right balance around you, making your experience not only unique but also satisfying as well. This is accomplished by perseverance and exercise. You are training both your body and mind to get used to a feeling of both peace and well-being, which is a huge struggle for many of us.

The step by step execution of each exercise will not let you behind as long as you speak either English or Italian. The app is only available in those two languages.

Quit Meditation is a paid app and available on the Google Play Store for a minimal price of only $1.35.

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  1. jack
    July 14, 11:23 Reply

    It seems very accurate and professional. I will try it, thanks for reporting!

  2. jane
    July 14, 11:24 Reply

    Very cute! All of us need something like this everyday! :) I’ll recommending it

  3. Janelle
    July 14, 15:53 Reply

    I think I’ll try it. It looks very cool!!

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